What we do

Weekly Runs

Runs between 5km and 10km - showing you the best running routes of Manchester

Different Speed Groups

We offer different speed groups, from beginner to fast. There will always be something to suit you.

Beginner to 5k

We routinely run groups that take you from beginner to 5k. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for when we next run a course.

Run Leaders

Run leaders will facilitate your session, keeping your group to pace and make sure that nobody gets left behind

Trail Runs and Track Sessions

Switching up from the city, we take excursions to the local track or the peak district for trail running


Our race cooridnator will keep you up to date with all the races. RunWild run some races together and offer support from the sidelines.


Every Tuesday at 6:15pm

The University of Manchester Students' Union Foyer

Oxford Road